Strigoi en premiere mondiale au After Dark Festival de Toronto


Strigoi en premiere mondiale au After Dark Festival de Toronto


Le 17 août 2009, la première mondiale du film Strigoi réalisé par Faye Jackson aura lieu au After Dark Festival de Toronto.

STRIGOI est un film de vampire que l’on ne peut pas catégoriser. C’est un long métrage fantastique post-communiste qui se déroule dans un village roumain et qui nous fait découvrir un ancien mythe nommé Strigoi : La croyance selon laquelle une personne peut à nouveau après la mort solliciter la justice si elles ont été lésées en intensifiant leur appétit pour le sang. Le film explore le vieux monde roumain face à la modernité et se plonge ainsi dans le coeur de la Roumanie moderne.

Pour nos amis Anglais, voici le dossier de presse que nous avons reçu.


‘Strigoi’ world premiere at Toronto After Dark Festival

British-Romanian vampire flick to debut 17 August at Canadian thrill fest

STRIGOI, the new independent vampire film set in present day rural Romania, has announced that it will be hold its world premiere at the 4th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

This English language independent production and was cast and filmed entirely in Romania, the true home of vampire folklore.

It is the first film ever to be based on the original Romanian legend of Strigoi, which inspired Dracula, (which, in turn, inspired all modern vampire stories).  

Unlike Dracula, killing the Strigoi is different. The wooden stake through the heart, popularized by Bram Stoker, won’t kill Strigoi. The body of the Strigoi must be dug from the grave and the  heart cut out and burned.

Incredibly, this method of Strigoi killing is still familiar in modern times in rural Romania. (Read Guardian article:

Strigoi director, Faye Jackson, said:
‘We’re extremely excited to be holding our world premiere at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Our film is the genre mix that should appeal to this audience. It’s a folklore mystery blending comedy and horror, set against the background of modern rural Romania – a place where the old cultures clashes with new.’

Shedding light on a post-communist Romanian village, the film focuses on the ancient myth of the Strigoi – souls that rise again after death to seek justice if they have been wronged. Their appetites are intensified by a hunger for blood.

The plot is centred around young man Vlad, who investigates a mysterious death in his grandfather’s village. It raises questions about land ownership in the community and the trail points to the ex-communist bully Constantin Tirescu and his wife. When Vlad confronts them he discovers that the richest landowners in the village have become real bloodsuckers – they are Strigoi.

Adam Lopez, Festival Director of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, added:
‘As a premier showcase of new horror, sci-fi, action and cult movies, we’re very excited to be hosting the world premiere of Strigoi. This is just the sort of creative, independent genre film that our fans thrive on and we’re sure their reaction will be enthusiastic.’

The world premiere takes place on Monday, 17 August at 21:30 at Toronto’s legendary Bloor Cinema. For more information, visit:

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