L'affiche du film Veronica mars
L'affiche du film Veronica mars

L’affiche du film Veronica mars

Suite à nos différents articles sur Veronica Mars le film réalisé par Rob Thomas, nous venons d’apprendre que l’affiche officielle vient d’être dévoilée. Le film réunit Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring et Enrico Colantoni.

Comme vous le savez le film sera diffusé en salle au USA le 14 mars 2014 et ne sera peut être jamais diffusé en salle en France… Warner Bros France n’a rien annoncé officiellement et ne répond pas vraiment aux questions … Cela dépendra sans doute du résultat au box office US …

Rob et Kristen ont reçu un prix du magazine Variety à Las Vegas. Il s’agit du The Variety Breakthrough of the Year Awards. Comme le dit Rob dans son mail, c’est assez étrange de recevoir un prix pour un film que personne n’a encore vu … 🙂

D’ailleurs voici le mail de Rob (en Anglais) sur sa courte venue à Las Vegas que vous avez peut être reçu si vous avez investi dans le film comme nous via kickstarter. Attention il y a un spoiler sur Breaking bad à la fin du message 😉

Yesterday afternoon, Kristen and I made a quick trip to Las Vegas, where we accepted our film’s first official award, as Variety’s Breakthrough Movie of 2014.

I promised I’d tell you if anything interesting happened, so, show of hands — who thinks that when receiving an award the photogenic leading actor should be the one to say a few words, and who thinks the nebbish, lisping writer should say a few words?

Would you rather watch Clooney or his writing partner Grant Heslov occupy center stage?


That was my thought process, too, which is why I had prepared nothing to say upon acceptance of our award last night. Obviously, Kristen Bell would be doing the talking. Kristen thought — God knows why — that I’d be doing the speaking. We were not the most prepared duo at the festivities.

It’s odd, too, accepting an award for a movie that almost no one has seen. We realized we were accepting an award for the way the movie came to be. In other words, we were accepting the award on behalf of you — our backers. Once that came into focus, we were able to find a few words. Or, rather, I stole my mini-acceptance from the dedication I’d written for the first Veronica Mars novel, which will be released in conjunction with the movie. Kristen, naturally, spoke from the heart.

In other news: I went all Chris Farley on Dean Norris backstage at the event. « You know that time… (panting) … in Breaking Bad (panting)… when you got shot… (panting)… That was awesome.

Whoops. Spoiler Alert!

A big thanks, too, to Ryan Hansen who flew out to Las Vegas to introduce us. That boy’s going places. He’s got charm.

Le poster du film Veronica Mars


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