Lettre du réalisateur Seith Mann pour Spike Lee
Lettre du réalisateur Seith Mann pour Spike Lee

Lettre du réalisateur Seith Mann pour Spike Lee

Comme vous le savez déjà certains des rédacteurs de Cinealliance.fr sont backers sur le prochain film de Spike Lee via Kickstarter.

Aussi nous recevons toutes les dernières nouvelles. Sachez que beaucoup de personnes (Matthew McConaughey, Hannah Simone, …) sont d’accord avec Spike Lee et son approche du Crowdfunding pour le cinéma indépendant. Nous soutenons aussi sa vision et d’ailleurs vous avez dû remarquer que nous vous proposons quelques fois certains projets qui nous tiennent à cœur.

Je laisse donc lire ce nouveau message en Anglais du réalisateur Seith Mann pour Spike Lee :

Dear Spike,

This is not a question so much as a comment. I made my pledge last week so you already have my support. But given some of the controversy behind your KickStarter campaign, I thought I would add to the dialogue by explaining why I am supporting your film.

1. I love independent cinema.

2. I love your films in particular. The happiest time in my movie going life was that period between School Daze through Malcolm X when I could count on seeing a new Spike Lee Joint every summer. I cannot wait to see this one.

3. You inspired scores of filmmakers with your work. I can testify personally that my decision to pursue filmmaking as a career was largely because of your films. As much as I loved movies, it did not occur to me until I saw She’s Gotta Have It that I, too, could be a director. I decided I wanted to become a director because of Do The Right Thing.

4. Lastly and most importantly, I am one of The 44. As if it wasn’t enough for you to inspire me with your work, and then take time out of your busy career as writer, director and producer to teach me and countless other aspiring filmmakers in the classroom at NYU, you supported my thesis film financially with your Post Production Grant. I have never shared this with you, but I was completely out of dough when I received that grant. Your grant paid for my negative cut, my mix, my answer prints (and maybe a little rent cuz I was out of that too.) That film, by the way, would go on to screen at Sundance, Cannes and countless other festivals. It got me an agent and my first opportunities to direct professionally on THE WIRE and GREY’S ANATOMY. Today, I am working director because of that film. And I would not have finished that film without your support. I would not have made that film without your example. So for me (and I imagine many other filmmakers you have supported over the years in ways financial and otherwise), supporting this next Spike Lee Joint is an honor and a small way of saying thank you.

So that’s why. Ya dig?

Seith Mann

Le projet kickstarter de Spike Lee :


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